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Nurturing children beyond just providing quality education to inculcate values and relevant life skills in their foundation years.


Infant Care Services

We believe in meeting the developmental needs of infants and their families through quality infant care services.

Childcare Services

We believe in meeting the developmental needs of preschoolers and their families through quality childcare services.

Student Care Services

We believe in meeting the developmental need of latchkey children and their families by providing quality student care service.

Integrated Childcare Programme (ICCP)

We believe in meeting the developmental needs of children with special needs and their families as well as providing opportunities for them to learn and interact with other children in a natural setting.

Intervention Cum Education Programme (ICE)

We believe in uniqueness of the child who will develop as a whole person in a warm, caring and stimulating environment which will provide a balanced programme filled with opportunities for hands-on-learning.

Integrated Playgroup Programme

The Integrated Playgroup Programme is a toddler’s programme (18 months – 3 years) which offers opportunities for early socialization, hands-on learning and parent-child bonding.

Development Support (DS) & Learning Support (LS)

PCS has been selected by MSF to run the Learning Support and Development Support programme in the last quarter of 2017. With early detection and focused intervention from our Learning Support Educators, we can give a headstart to pre-school children with mild developmental needs.

Grace Orchard School

Grace Orchard School caters to children who have been diagnosed with mild intellectual disability, as well as those with mild autism by providing special education and support services to maximize their learning potential.

True Grace Student Care

The student care centre is a school-based after-school programme catering to children with disabilities, aged between 7 to 18 years old.

Bee-a-reader Literacy Programme

This programme aims to provide children from low income families to find the needed help in learning to read.